The Ultimate Guide To Repeats

Happy Friday!!!! I am so excited about my upcoming course, The Ultimate Guide to Repeats, that I could not help but share the introduction video with all of you lovely readers out there! This video dives into a little bit about my background, who the course is tailored towards, and exactly what you will learn in the six lessons included. I also discuss the importance of goals and how you can share your goals or any questions that you may have on the course’s online forum. The forum is a wonderful resource and is just one of the many reasons that I am delighted to be teaming up with Camp Pikaland. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below, on facebook, or email me personally.  If the link is missing please check out the youtube video here. Enjoy!


  1. wow, this is fantastic, michelle! wonderful hearing about you and your vast experience in the industry developing repeats — and what a valuable tool this online instruction will be for so many designers, green and seasoned alike! thank you 🙂

  2. This class looks so awesome! I looked at your other class too, The Sellable Sketch. I’m curious, what’s the main difference between The Ultimate Guide class and this one? I really want to take one, but I’m leaning more towards The Sellable Sketch class.

    1. Great Question Amber!
      This course, The Ultimate Guide to Repeats, focuses on repeats and the textile design production process. You learn how to put your artwork into repeat, various printing methods, how to more efficiently work with factories etc..

      In the second course, The Sellable Sketch, you will learn how to develop a sellable surface design collection. At the end of this course you will have a print collection that you can proudly add to your portfolio or sell to a client. I am keeping the class size small so that each student can get personalized attention and feedback on a weekly basis. This course includes videos, a downloadable workbook, and weekly feedback sessions. I’ll post a video focusing on this course next week..

      Does this answer your question?

  3. Yes! That definitely answers my question! I really want to take The Sellable Sketch course. If by chance I miss out this first time (I’ll be moving to a new place around that time and getting adjusted), do you think you’ll offer that class again?

  4. Wow – both of your courses sound wonderful! As both course are available from 1 Sept could I tackle them together? Or could I complete the Sellable Sketch course then signup for the Pattern Repeat. I would love to do both!

    1. Hi Justine! The Sellable Sketch course is pretty time consuming, probably around 10 hours a week if you really go through all the exercises. So if you are busy I recommend taking the Sellable Sketch first and then the Ultimate Guide to Repeats. I would love to have you in the classes! Please let me know if you have any more questions—-Michelle

  5. Hi Michelle,

    This looks like a great course! I was just wondering… it says it’s self paced but how long it goes for? And will it still be available after 1st Sept?

    Also I have very old versions of Adobe Illustrator (0.8) and Photoshop (5.5)… will I still be able to follow and do the course using them?

    lamina 🙂

    1. Hi Lamina!
      Yes, your versions of Illustrator and Photoshop will work just fine!
      The course officially opens on the 1st, so you will not have access until that date. But after the 1st you will have access to the course forever..or until the site is closed, which I do not foresee happening in the near future. Access includes being able to watch the videos online, download the videos, and posting questions to the forum.
      Thanks for your questions!

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