The Sellable Sketch Workshop: A Sneak Peek!

Update! This class is now sold out! Click here to register for the wait list of the next session.

Hello there!!! Registration for The Sellable Sketch Workshop closes this Monday, March 11th and there are still a few spaces available (as of noon there are five). So….for all of you who are considering joining us, I thought I would share the welcome video! In this sneak-peek video I explain what a print collection is, I give you tips on how many collections you should have before approaching an agent, showing your portfolio or attending a print show and I also share my story and background. At the end of the video I invite all who are registered to share their story through the private forum, which can be accessed immediately! I would love to read your story and help you achieve your textile design dreams. Click here to learn more about the workshop and to reserve one of those last few spots!

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