How Photoshop for Designers Will Help You Be a Better Designer

Photoshop For Designers WorkshopAdobe Photoshop can open up a world of opportunity for designers. It enables you to create artwork that is more authentic and representative of your true artistic style. With less inhibition from software or the digital world you naturally become a better designer as a result.

All of us at Pattern Observer really do admire the Adobe Photoshop program, which is why we created a Photoshop for Designers workshop. This is the only Photoshop workshop devoted to creating prints and patterns, helping you to up your game and be the best you can be in your design world.

What makes Photoshop for Designers help you? It allows you to:

  • Build confidence in your design skills
  • Benefit from personalized feedback and support from Sherry London
  • Enjoy the insights that come from 61 downloadable video tutorials
  • Learn from step-by-step instruction
  • Complete assignments that help you put your new Photoshop skills to use immediately—a wonderful way to learn and remember
  • Speed up your design process
  • Stay motivated through daily emails and lessons
  • Learn the tools that will do the best job of bringing your ideas to life, therefore helping you improve your design skills

It doesn’t matter how you feel about your skills and abilities with Adobe Photoshop when you enter into the workshop. What matters is how you’ll feel when you leave it! By the end of the course you’ll gain confidence and lessen frustration. You’ll be empowered with the knowledge and skills you’ve developed, making you a better designer because of how you apply what you’ve learned. Photoshop is a big program with a lot of tools—all that are ones you can master with relative ease. You just need a little help from your designer friends and go-to resource, Pattern Observer’s Photoshop for Designers workshop.

Are you ready for your career to take a step forward?

Sherry’s next Photoshop for Designers workshop begins on Monday, September 11, 2017, and includes all the important aspects of working in Photoshop.

Why wait and remain intimidated by Photoshop? Today is your day to remove the fear and become a better designer.

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8 Comments on “How Photoshop for Designers Will Help You Be a Better Designer

  1. If I have Photoshop Elements would I be able to participate in the workshop?

  2. This would be a fun class, hope I can take it. How do I register?

  3. I have tried repeatedly to sign up because I want to take advantage of the free class. I don’t be cheap but it just sounds so wonderful but no matter what I do it will not let me register without putting my credit card and I just got the notice tonight so please advise

  4. Hi Samantha! The videos were created using Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) which is the latest version of the program so it might be difficult to follow along with Photoshop Elements. Adobe does offer a free trial that you could try.

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