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Designers who have earned our “Award of Excellence” have proven themselves to be talented artists, trustworthy partners and emerging leaders in our industry. This award is reserved for designers who have taken Mastering Your Market and Sharing Your Work and exceeded our expectations. Simply taking these workshops doesn’t qualify one for this award. We have to feel 100% confident in a designers ability to work with clients in a professional manner before they make the list.

In these workshops we not only cover industry standards and advanced design techniques, but also professional practices and how to operate a thriving design business.


Step One: Mastering Your Market

textile design courses- Mastering Your Market

Mastering Your Market is a six week workshop that will open up a world of new opportunities for your business. You‘ll dig deeper into a market that you already love, explore new markets, try new artistic techniques and make new industry contacts. You‘ll grow, you‘ll be challenged and you‘ll be inspired to create. Register here!



Step Two: Portfolio Development

POB Ebook portfolio guide-1

In today’s marketplace an online portfolio website is the most important tool that you have to market your work. With an online portfolio, potential clients from around the world can review your work, get to know your personality, and understand your services at their convenience. Learn how to design your online portfolio through our affordable e-book. Learn more.



Step Three: Sharing Your Work

Basic RGB

As a designer you love to create beautiful things. You create beautiful patterns, illustrations and color palettes on a daily basis and couldn’t imagine your life any other way. Did you ever stop to think about how you could bring beauty to the rest of your design business? Yes, a well designed marketing plan can be a thing of beauty and I’ll show you how in our four week course, Sharing Your Work. Apply Today.



Step Four: Apply through this link.


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