I discovered this stunner of a dress at SwaneeGRACE‘s etsy shop. I love the motifs and colors, but what struck me was the hem of the dress. The print is placed in such a way that it almost looks ombred or dip-dyed. Love!


*images via MOYPUP

These pieces are from Tokyo based artist, Yuko Kanatani. She recently released an amazing 32 page book of her work and I love the passion and energy that come out in each page. Check it out here.


Aleksandr Rodchenko, Untitled. c. 1920 & Lyubov Popova, Study for Space-Force Construction. c. 1921

Trisha Brown, Untitled. 2007

Vasily Kandinsky, Ligne courbe librement ondulée (Curved Line Undulating Freely). 1925

These pieces are all part of the MoMA’s new exhibit “On Line: Drawing Through the 20th Century.” They posted the entire collection on their website and there are so many cool pieces that will provide endless inspiration. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


*images via Alice by Temperley

I am not sure if I have been under a rock for the last year or so, but somehow I missed this AWESOME brand, Alice by Temperley. They do a fabulous job of incorporating fun trends, such as ethnic inspired prints and the military look, in a wearable manner. Be sure to check out their website, they post some of their inspiration boards and also have an interesting blog. Love it!


I stumbled across Cori Dantini’s artwork on Etsy and love her style. She combines illustration, pattern, and typography into fascinating 8″x 10″ pieces of artwork. These would make wonderful gifts!

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