On August 24, 2017 we lost Jane Lewis, one of the most talented and knowledgeable textile designers in the quilting industry. Jane had been battling lung cancer since 2015 and through all she had to endure she was still committed to her contributions to our industry.

Jane truly loved the textile design industry and it always showed. She was so grateful to rise up and lend a helping hand to other designers. While at P&B Textiles she helped countless artists and designers craft brilliantly curated collections. She loved discovering new talent within the industry and helping designers find their way. This work and passion continued within her work in Pattern Observer’s Textile Design Lab and so many students have benefited from it. She was so passionate about the TDL community, attending our weekly art critiques, giving detailed feedback on our forums, and creating a guest expert training on Developing Quilt Fabric Collections. Her words and insights were cherished by everyone, and all who received them are better in their craft because of it.

Soon after Jane’s passing her friends and family established the Jane Lewis Textile Scholarship to help students trying to learn the craft of textile design. Pattern Observer has matched all donated funds and we are pleased to announce that we will be awarding the first two scholarships on February 14, 2018.

Jane Lewis Textile Scholarship

Application Deadline: 1/28/2018

Scholarship Amount: One year membership to the Textile Design Lab ($529 value)

Scholarship Description: The Jane Lewis Textile Scholarship is for designers who want to learn the craft of textile design and are in need of financial assistance.


  • An interest in the field of textile design
  • Access to, and a willingness to learn, Adobe Photoshop OR Adobe Illustrator
  • Awards are based on demonstrated financial need, combined household annual income of less than $35,000

Submission Requirements:

  • Three to five original pieces of artwork. These artwork samples can include illustrations, fine art pieces, patterns, sketches, etc.
  • Personal statement (300-500 words) addressing why you want to join the Textile Design Lab and how this resource could help you achieve your goals. You can read more about the TDL here.
  • Completed Scholarship Application Form

Application Process:

To Apply


Will more scholarships be awarded in the future? Yes, we will award two additional scholarships in the Fall of 2018 and hope to continue this long into the future.

Why is this scholarship only available to those with a household income of $35,000 or below? It is very important to the family of Jane Lewis that this scholarship goes to those who would not otherwise be able to afford to enroll in the Textile Design Lab.

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