Ready for a More Creative Approach to Social Media?

You know that consistent social media use is important to growing your design business. So, why does it often feel like a waste of time? You end up struggling with which actions to take, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed by what to post, how often to post and which platforms to post to. It’s time for a change.

The 2021 Summer of Creativity Event

July 19 – August 27, 2021

Through this course you will:

Discover how to use social media in a sustainable way. You can effectively use social media without it controlling your life or taking time away from your creativity.

Imagine having a system for documenting your creative process, allowing you to spend less time preparing social media posts and more time doing what you love.

Feel more confident knowing who you should be connecting with through social media and what you should be posting

Explore a holistic approach to marketing and identify who you want to reach, and which platforms and post types will make the most impact.

Change the way that you think about social media in just six weeks.

Course Schedule:

Week One: Getting Started

  • Lesson One: In this first lesson of the course, you’ll identify what you hope to achieve through social media. For example, are you using social media to connect with agents or to sell products? These details are important to creating your social marketing strategy.
  • Lesson Two: Introduction to Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. The lessons learned in this course can be applied to all social media platforms, but we’ll be focusing on these three during the course. You’ll discover best practices for each of these three platforms including: who’s using each platform, which post types perform the best, preferred image sizes and more.
  • Lesson Three: You’ll learn how to set up your Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Live Session: We’ll come together as a community to discover what’s special about each of our own businesses. This will be a group brainstorming session with guided questions and discussion opportunities.
  • Bonus Training: We are pleased to welcome marketing expert, Brooke Ashley of Flowstate11 as our guest speaker for this course. In Week One, Brooke will be speaking on her approach to developing a holistic marketing strategy.

Week Two: Developing Your Plan

  • Lesson Four: We’ll explore what to post on social media, as well as industry specific questions such as how to protect our work. You’ll create a library of post ideas to refer back to in the future.
  • Lesson Five: We’ll share our favorite tools for automating social media and setting ourselves up for success.
  • Lesson Six: You’ll create a social media workflow connecting all the social media pieces. This workflow will be centered around your creative process and your social media goals.
  • Bonus Training: In Week Two, Brooke Ashley of Flowstate11 will share her tips for creating captivating video content for social media.

Weeks Three, Four & Five: 21 Days of Posting

You’ll experience three inspiring weeks of daily social media prompts and “Instagram worthy” live creative challenges held over Zoom. During these live sessions we’ll have fun and create amazing artwork, but we’ll also take time for photos, screenshots, and process videos that you can share through social media. You’ll discover that documenting your creative process and sharing it on social media doesn’t have to take too much time… And it can be a lot of fun!

We’ll use the power of our community to lift each other up and promote our posts. You’ll no longer have to fear being alone on social media, speaking to no one. You’ll be put into small groups to comment, share, and engage on each other’s social media posts. The Pattern Observer team will also be staying involved and doing what they can to make your posts as visible as possible.

Week Six: Reflection

In this final week of the course, you’ll take time to explore social media analytics and how your posts performed. What resonated with your audience? What should you post more of in the future? How can you continue to simplify and improve your social media workflow? These important questions will set you up for future success on social media.

What’s Not Covered?

If you are looking for guarantees such as “You’ll double your followers in five days!” or “These secret hashtags will catapult you to success!”, this is not the course for you. This course is based on sharing authentic, original content on a consistent basis with the help of a supportive and caring community.

Other Great Summer of Creativity Benefits

We are excited to make your Summer of Creativity more than just a course. We want it to become an experience which will transform your design business for the better. Together, as a vested community of designers, we have incredible potential to accomplish this. Here are some other advantages to assist all participants in this amazing summer.

  • Free access to WGSN throughout the duration of the six-week course
  • Feedback from our team of instructors through our private forums
  • Access to weekly live art critiques, held every Thursday at 1PM Eastern (calls are recorded for those unable to attend)
  • Free access to ALL Textile Design Lab courses, design tutorials, marketing lessons, and design challenges
  • An opportunity to be featured on the Pattern Observer blog
  • Access to an amazing community! The Textile Design Lab community is filled with supportive, talented designers who want to help each other succeed in this industry.

To register for this members-only course, pay just $49.00/month to start your membership. No commitment. Cancel anytime.


What is the Textile Design Lab? The Lab is a membership community filled with 19 textile and surface pattern design courses, over 100 tutorials, and countless design challenges—all presented by renown professionals who are acclaimed for their respective expertise. As a member, you receive access to all these resources 24/7. This means you can work through the materials whenever you have time! You can read more about the courses included in our community here.

Will I personally get feedback on my assignments? Yes, we offer this. Our Textile Design Lab team of experts responds to questions and offers feedback on artwork through our private, online forum. The team checks the forum multiple times a day, Monday-Friday. We also host a live art critique every Thursday at 1PM Eastern.

Am I locked into a long-term contract when I join the Lab? Not at all! All Textile Design Lab memberships are set to automatically renew, but these payments can be cancelled at any time

Will I be able to download the videos? Our Textile Design Lab tutorials are not available for download at this time.

I’m already a member of the Textile Design Lab. How do I register for this course? Members can sign up for the Summer of Creativity here.

At Pattern Observer we strive to help you grow your textile design business through our informative articles, interviews, tutorials, workshops and our private design community, The Textile Design Lab.

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