Ready to Create Eye-Catching Surface Pattern Designs?

Learn how to turn your sketches, paintings and illustrations into surface pattern design layouts in just 6 weeks.

Create high quality patterns in less time

Being busy with clients, family and other obligations shouldn't hold you back from mastering surface pattern design. Imagine being able to create eye-catching surface pattern designs in minutes, not days.

What if you were able to create more eye-catching patterns in less time?

April 20 - May 29, 2020

In the past it has taken years to understand why some pattern layouts work and how to best develop a process that is quick and reliable for your development of eye-catching artwork.

In Surface Pattern Design Mastery you are going to speed up your ability to create the impact you want with your patterns so you can get them out there sooner. Plus, they’ll be better than ever, certainly as superb as your sketches, paintings, and illustrations are.

You'll be able to create patterns in minutes, instead of days by using our surface pattern design layout templates. Instantly transforming your sketches and illustrations into patterns.


Surface Pattern Design Mastery

Through Surface Pattern Design Mastery You'll Discover...

How to create a sophisticated pattern from one sketch or motif

The 6 most popular layout styles in surface pattern design

How to create patterns that look more complex in less time

How to create surface pattern design layout templates

How to create a pattern that is harmonious and flowing

Techniques to working in Illustrator & Photoshop

...and more!

Start designing patterns that you are proud to share with your peers, clients, and community

Surface Pattern Design Mastery is a part of our Textile Design Lab membership community. The course includes...

To register for this members-only course, pay just $49.00/month to start your membership. No commitment. Cancel anytime.

  • 12 video lessons walking you step-by-step through the process of creating eye-catching surface pattern designs
  • A Surface Pattern Design Inspiration Guide to spark new ideas that are authentic to your artistic style!
  • 14 Pattern Layout Templates helping you turn your motifs into patterns in minutes
  • Access to WGSN for the duration of the course
  • Feedback from instructors
  • Access to a weekly live art critique
  • Free access to ALL Textile Design Lab courses, design tutorials, marketing lessons and design challenges!

Course Schedule

All 12 lessons include closed captioned videos, a design exercise to use immediately, and downloadable resources such as templates, checklists, worksheets.

In Lesson 1, you create a pattern layout inspiration board which will define your style and provide future inspiration. You empower your design process by learning about popular layout styles and when they should be used for an impact.

In Lesson 2, you create a library of motifs that you will turn into eye-catching designs. You discover where to look for inspiration and methods for quickly turning your sketches, illustrations and paintings into digital motifs.

In Lesson 3, you begin your transformation into a surface pattern design master. You learn a system for creating eye-catching designs and how to avoid common mistakes that lead to frustration and overwhelm.

In Lesson 12, you create an engaging presentation using your new surface pattern designs. Your presentation can be used on social media, your portfolio website or presented to buyers, agents and studios for consideration.

In Lessons 5-11, you turn your digital motifs into a series of surface pattern designs. You create the following layout styles: set, tossed, free-flowing, allover, textures, stripes and borders. You will also learn simple ways to make these designs more eye-catching.

In Lesson 4, you develop color palettes that exemplify your artistic style and simplify the design process. You develop a system for quickly creating color palettes for use in your surface pattern design layouts.


What is the Textile Design Lab? The Lab is a membership community filled with countless textile and surface pattern design courses, tutorials, and design challenges. As a member you have access to all of our resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can work through the materials whenever you have time! You can read more about the courses included in our community here.

Will I personally get feedback on my assignments? Yes. Our Textile Design Lab team of experts responds to questions and offers feedback on artwork through our private, online forum. The team checks the forum multiple times a day, Monday-Friday.

Do I need previous pattern design experience? This course is educational and inspiring for those who are new to the industry. During it, I’ll walk you through the processes to achieve “eye-catching patterns” in both Illustrator and Photoshop. We’ll do this using the great sketches, paintings, and illustrations you have already created.

I'm an advanced designer. What will I learn in this course? This course is also for experienced designers. You’ll leave this course with a reliable system to smooth out your workflow and help you create eye-catching patterns in less time. And what can you do with this extra time? Allow yourself more time to market your work and grow your business! It literally opens up a new world of opportunity without taking up any more of your time!

Are marketing, repeats or collection development covered in this course? No, but these topics are all covered in other Textile Design Lab courses which are FREE with a Textile Design Lab membership.

Am I locked into a long-term contract when I join the Lab? No. All Textile Design Lab memberships are set to automatically renew, but these payments can be cancelled at anytime. Textile Design Lab memberships are non refundable.

Do I need access to Illustrator or Photoshop? Yes. You must have access to either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and have a basic understanding of how to use the program.

Will I be able to download the videos? Our Textile Design Lab tutorials are not available for download at this time.

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