March 16 - March 27

Wellness has become increasingly important in our society. How can we answer this need through the products and patterns we create?

In this two week workshop we'll take a deep dive into the wellness industry and explore what it means to your business and creative process. You’ll identify ways to address this societal shift in the products and patterns you create and also explore wellness practices that can be incorporated in your life; to strengthen your creative practice.


The Wellness Workshop

Week One

"What is wellness? How does wellness differ among various customers? How can I incorporate wellness in the patterns and products I create?" These are the questions that we'll explore through a video tutorial released on Day One.

Week One Cont.

We are thrilled to provide all designers with free access to WGSN Insight for the duration of the workshop. Designers begin their individual research on this powerful platform and will identify ways they can address  wellness in their business.

The Schedule

Week Two

It's time to put that research to use! In this second week of the workshop you'll create a pattern tailor made for the Wellness Industry. A series of design briefs and color palettes will be provided.

Week Two Cont.

While you are busy creating, we'll be sending you helpful tools for including wellness in your creative process. Playlists, exercises, and other inspiring ideas will be explored to strengthen your creative practice.

Video Introduction

Michelle will welcome you to the workshop with a video lesson exploring the Wellness Industry.

What's Provided

WGSN Insight

We're pleased to provide all students with four weeks access to WGSN Insight. Preview WGSN Insight here.

Design Briefs

Students will be provided with three unique design briefs which cater to the Wellness Industry.

Wellness Tools

Tips for incorporating wellness into your design practice will be provided throughout Week Two.

There are two ways to take the Wellness Workshop:


No commitment. Cancel anytime.

  • A introductory video lesson to welcome you to the Wellness Industry
  • Four weeks access to WGSN Insight
  • Three design briefs catering to the Wellness Industry
  • Motivation emails to help you along the way
  • Feedback and guidance from our team of instructors through our private forum
  • Access to a weekly live art critique
  • Free access to ALL Textile Design Lab courses, tutorials, resources, and design challenges! Topics include: Professional Repeats, Pattern Collections, Branding Your Business, Portfolio Design, Marketing and more.

Option One: Group-Study

Option Two: Self-Study

  • A introductory video lesson to welcome you to the Wellness Industry
  • Four weeks access to WGSN Insight
  • Three design briefs catering to the Wellness Industry
  • Motivation emails to help you along the way



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