Found Patterns: Agriculture

FoundPatterns_PatternObserver15Images via: (clockwise from top left)  “DSC_7970” by Cha già José (cropped from original) “Heather cranberry farms” by Sam Beebe (cropped from original),  “The Golden Sea” by Ian Sane,  “farm equipment” by Jennifer Boyer “PhoTones Works #437” by Takuma Kimura “Onions in greenhouse” by Dwight Sipler (cropped from original),  “RFT_1223” by Ronald Tagra “Monterey County agriculture” by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious,  orchard rows” by liz west (cropped from original) Greenhouses” by Andrea_44


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Carrie Tasman’s “Florianna” Collection with P&B Textiles

Carrie Tasman is painter and pattern designer based in the Pacific Northwest whose style is “color-drenched, playful, and pattern-full.” She sells original artwork, prints and cards, and has just launched her first fabric line with P&B Textiles.


With a Bachelor of Fine Art, Carrie has been a full-time fine artist for 15 years, showing in galleries, shows and in private collections on the west coast. Before launching her fine art career, she worked as a graphic designer for a decade, where she learned Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Tasman_FloriannaThe Florianna Collection

Most recently, Carrie has been schooling herself in the world of surface pattern design and art licensing. The very first course she took was our Sellable Sketch e-course (now a part of the Textile Design Lab). Carrie writes, “I highly recommend this course! Michelle is generous and supportive and has tons of industry experience.”

For Carrie, “surface pattern design is a satisfying blend of painting and graphic design.”

Tasman_PaintingsFromTwo paintings that can be found in the main Florianna print.

P&B Textiles discovered Carrie through her website. They loved her paintings with their “lavish florals and light-hearted pattern play.” In Carrie’s words, “Working with P&B was a fantastic learning experience from beginning to end. I wanted my fabric line, called Florianna, to be colorful, fun, and happy-making. It’s painterly and it’s deliciously imperfect. The main print especially looks like summer and feels like warm sunshine.

There’s this favorite spot on my deck, where my summer flowers are the most dense. It’s a place where I sit, on my garden swing piled with pillows, a dog on each side, with my cofee mug and sketchbook… my idea of heaven.

This is the irresistible, colorful, sunshiny flowery feeling I wanted to communicate through Florianna.”


As for what’s filling her days in the studio, Carrie says, “I’m getting ready for my fall show season. Now that the Florianna quilt is complete, I can start thinking about my next fabric collection. I’m also working on some large canvases; I see these as splashier versions of my earlier body of work. They’re semi-abstract florals, inspired by my flower garden and a continually deepening understanding of pattern.”


“The quilt pattern that I designed featuring my Florianna collection that will be hanging in the P&B Textiles Booth (Booth 1336) at the International Quilt Market in Minneapolis this weekend, May 15-17. The pattern is available for a free download from my website and from P&B Textiles.”

Check out more from Carrie on her Tasman Studio website where you can sign up for her mailing list and newsletter. You can also ‘like’ her on Facebook.


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How to Create Movies and Slideshows to Improve Your Marketing

One simple and fun way to create more engagement and increase brand awareness for your surface design business is to go beyond the basic static image and bring your designs to life through a movie, slideshow, or animated GIF. New apps allow you to create beautiful slideshows with filters, transitions, sound, and sequencing using your smart phone or iPad. If you try out these techniques, be sure to post your own movie on Instagram for the #POMarketing Photo Challenge prompt #PatternPremieres on Sunday.
This movie was created using the PicFlow app. The designers featured include @ashleycecil, @skinnylaminx, @esther_emma, @patternandrepeat, @danielaglassop, @breezedesignstudio, @thatgirlstudio, @lisarivas, @chris_coco_olson, @wild_coral.


Seven tips for creating your pattern premiere movie

1) Name your project and give it some focus before you start searching through hundreds of images in your photo library. If the app allows you to place the images in a folder in your image library that makes creating the movie even easier.

2) When determining how many images to include in a slideshow, consider the length of the total movie and the specific  time limits on different social media platforms. (Instagram has a 15-second limit and Twitter has a 30-second limit. If you want to post a longer video, consider using the Hyperlapse app (described below) to condense the video.)

3) Consider making a soundtrack by importing Royalty-free music from SoundCloudVimeo Music Store, or ccMixter. They have special sections just for tracks that were uploaded under a Creative Commons license. This means you’re free to use them as long as you follow the guidelines established by the artist.

4) Several apps allow you to record a narration to help tell the story of your video.

5) Give your show a more cinematic flow by selecting one of the special image transitions built in the app.

6) Always preview your movie a few times before you publish it. Test out different image transitions and filters at the preview stage.

7) To make the movie more cohesive and professional, keep the colors, branding, and overall design consistent throughout.


Eight apps to quickly create professional videos, slideshows, and GIFs

PicFlow is a photo slideshow video maker designed for Instagram—you can also post your creations on other social media channels. To make the video slideshow you simply select multiple photos from your camera roll and albums. You can rearrange the photos to make the best sequence flow. To crop the photos just swipe and pinch them. If you want, you can add music. The app also lets you select a specific style of transition between each photo. One nice feature is it doesn’t automatically include the apps watermark on your creation.

Flipagram lets you create short videos from photos, video clips and music. Just select the photos you want. Add titles, music and filters. And share your creation. You can also auto-time for Instagram or Vine. You can share your video in the Flipagram community and across social media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Tumblr, Email, Text, Pinterest, FB Messenger, and more. If you want to remove the automatic app watermark you have to upgrade the app.

This movie was created using two apps. First I created a slideshow video using the PicFlow app. Next I inserted the video in a collage created with the InstaVid for Instagram app. The designers featured include @estemacleod, @julietmeeksdesign, @tortagialla, @bibliosophy, @karen_burton_art, @catarinaguerreirodesign, @rachelreynoldstextiles, @cladesign_.

Have you ever seen a collage with little movies inside the grid? InstaVid for Instagram is one app that lets you include both videos and photos in wide variety of a collage formats.

If you already have a video that you created with your phone and you want to crop it to a square format for Instagram try the app Squaready for Video. It converts a rectangle movie clip into a square shape. One nice feature is it doesn’t automatically include the apps watermark on your creation.

Giffer Pro lets you create any kind of animated GIF–stop motion, cinemagraphs, time lapse, seamless looping, reverse GIF, text overlay, and more. This format has one major drawback—you can only share your GIF on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. To share a GIF on Instagram you have to convert it to a movie format using an app such as GifVid. I have used this combination of apps and although it a bit of a hassle, it works.

If you are an iMovie geek and you like the editing features, consider trying out the mobile app on your phone to quickly create a video. This app has a learning curve and is not as user-friendly as the apps listed above. It is worth trying because of the wide variety of audio and video editing tools. And if you make a mistake, the undo button makes it very easy to remove mistakes.

Hyperlapse lets you create polished time lapse videos without bulky tripods and expensive equipment. If you like to share the behind-the-scenes story, this app makes it pretty simple to show how you create a doodle or a finished surface pattern design from start to finish in just seconds.


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This post and Instagram challenge has been organized by designer Chris Olson. Chris is a Colorado-based illustrator and surface designer known for her modern playful illustrations and designs that you can view at She writes and sketches about all things design at Pattern Bliss blog. You can follow Chris on Instagram at @chris_coco_olson.

Surtex Preview: Amy Reber

View More: may recognize Amy Reber as the winner of our recent textile design competition with P&B Textiles. Well next week she will be taking on a new challenge and heading to Surtex for the first time with Cultivate Art Agency (Booth #222.)

“I have always been artistic. Growing up in Washington State I did well in art class and took all of the art that I could all through High School. But I never imagined that my art would take me anywhere, so as I got older, I let the pen and paper dreams slip through my fingers in search of something a bit more solid. Off to college I went and I received a Bachelor of Science and then a K-8 Teaching certification. I began teaching Kindergarten, and the artistic side of me was not even on the radar. I met my husband in 1999, a USMC officer and we were married in 2002. We have lived in many places since then, weathered many combat deployments and had three beautiful children along the way. My husband is still active duty, and is currently assigned to the Pentagon in VA.

Needless to say, with the military lifestyle and being a stay at home Mom to three young kids, my artistic side continued to remain on the back burner. About five years ago, I decided that I needed to do something for myself, something that would bring me joy….I tried beading, I tried knitting, I tried painting, and eventually ended up doing collage work for several years. It grew into a small business as I was doing custom orders for neighbors and friends but this soon turned into a small following on Facebook. One afternoon about three years ago I was led to put pen to paper while waiting for the kids to get off the bus (I had twenty minutes to kill, not enough time for cutting and glueing!), and the most incredible thing happened. I found solace and passion in drawing, a combination of inspiration and peace. It gave me a rush of energy that soon consumed all of my free time. Before long I was learning new techniques, working with computer programs to edit my work and looking for avenues to market my art. I didn’t look any further, surface design was IT for me. The joy it brings me is truly very hard to put into words.

It was a cool day last September, when a Bolder Bands advertisement caught my eye on Facebook. I loved their fun patterns and felt confident that my work would be a perfect fit for the Bands, so I sent them a message. The owner of Bolder Bands, Amy Crouse, contacted me and within two days we were talking about design ideas and drawing up plans for the next big step.

Our partnership ended up being a match made in heaven, and at the perfect time for both of us. Amy had been looking to expand her designs, and my youngest child had just started school which freed up time during the day. So, Bolder Band was my first big “deal” and lit a fire under me like no other.

After beginning to create exclusive designs for Bolder Band, I signed on with Rachelle Panagarry of Cultivate Art Agency. With the agency, I had my work shown this past winter at Printsource in New York. Shortly thereafter, I won the 2015 Pattern Observer/P&B Textiles Design Competition. I am looking forward to my first collection being released in January 2016!

Now on to Surtex! My portfolio will be shown with Cultivate Art Agency at Booth 222. This Surtex preparation, belonging to an agency, as someone new to the industry, has been the perfect way to get my feet wet without having to take on an entire booth by myself….maybe some day! Some of the tasks which are VERY few compared to a designer in their own booth have been: a 100 page portfolio preparation with certain deadlines obviously, creation and printing of pre-promotional cards that I sent out to attendees and will also be handed out at the booth, reworking and printing of business cards, digital promotional pieces created for social media accounts, and “give-aways” to be handed out to prospective clients in the booth. I am giving away luggage tags with my designs on them. All of these tasks are completed, so I’m going to sit back, relax, head up to NYC this weekend and surround myself with design at SURTEX 2015!”

You can see more from Amy at, or follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

Textile Design Marketing: Collection Snapshots

Pattern Observer Collection Snapshot

Sample Collection Snapshot

Countless hours and a lot of love and passion go into creating textile design collections. So when it comes time to market your work I encourage you to think beyond the traditional watermark! A great way to market your collection is through what I like to call a “collection snapshot.” A collection snapshot is a small collage of your collection and should include your name or logo and any other information that you think would be helpful.

A collection snapshot can be used in email marketing, social media marketing, at events and on your website.

When creating your collection snapshot keep these tips in mind:

1. Be consistent. The colors, font style and other design details should be consistent with the collection’s artistic style, as well as your overall business branding.

2. Be selective. You don’t need to show every pattern in your collection. If you think one pattern with an amazing logo and collection title make for a stronger presentation then run with that. There are no rules here.

3. Have fun. Collection snapshots are a chance to express yourself, entertain potential customers and market your work. Your marketing pieces can be just as beautiful and inspiring as the artwork you create.

Here is an example of a collection snapshot that I developed for our Pattern Observer studio using Canva. After developing your snapshot please share it on Instagram as part of our Marketing Can Be Beautiful Photo Challenge using #POMarketing #CuratedCollections.


Learn how marketing and running a successful business can be a thing of beauty. Join us for our free Marketing Can Be Beautiful webinar on May 19th @ 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern.

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