Featured Designer: Jocelyn Proust



Surtex kicks off in just under a week, and Jocelyn Proust will be exhibiting there for the second time alongside her Four Corners Art Collective colleagues, Beth Schneider, Pippa Shaw and Emma McGowan. You may remember this talented crew from past posts detailing their trade show experiences here, here and here

After studying art at university, Jocelyn worked for a number of years as a graphic designer in advertising, marketing and publishing. Her surface design journey began while taking time out from full time employment when her children were young–“I felt the need to keep creating so I dabbled in many different things including fabric painting, ceramics and jewellery making. Working with different mediums has shaped the way I design now for different surfaces.

Since exhibiting at Surtex in 2016 I have licensed my work for stationery, calendars, homewares and fabric. I am looking forward to meeting new clients in 2017 and making new partnerships so I can share more of my art to the world!”




“Birds and flowers are a constant theme in my work! I always start designing by drawing or painting or using collage in my sketchbook. I then take those initial ideas into Illustrator or Photoshop and work them into finished pieces. I like to include my hand drawn linework as often as I can and I love playing with different palettes.”

These sweet, colorful designs have us totally inspired. If you find yourself equally as smitten, be sure to visit Four Corners Art Collective at Surtex booth #2723 or head on over to www.jocelynproustdesigns.com. Have a great week!


Studio Kelkka

Studio Kelkka Design

We are big fans of the beautiful, bold prints coming out of Studio Kelkka, a Finnish surface design studio comprised of ten designers who “combine nordic essence with playful & fun style.” The mix of styles from each of the designers on the team has resulted in an “interesting and versatile” collection that will be shown at Surtex later this month. This will be Studio Kelkka’s second time at Surtex–“first time was great so it’s nice to come back!”


Passion for prints

Studio Kelkka is a Finnish multi-disciplinary pattern and surface design studio. We have a true passion for prints: in our work we combine artistic vision with a deep understanding of the commercial needs of our clients. Among our clients you find companies from around the world: Papyrus, Richloom Fabrics Group, TJX, Sterling Brands, World Kitchen (USA); IKEA of Sweden, Hemtex, Kinnamark (SWE); Rasch, Albani Group, Papstar (DE); Ena Shaw, Harlequin Fabrics (UK); Sangetsu, Nitori, Senshukai/ Belle Maison (JPN). Luetteloa voi jatkaa…


Ten designers, hundreds of stories

Studio Kelkka was established in 2010 by ten Finnish designers who wanted to bring their forward-driven design philosophy to life. The look of our pattern and surface artwork is proudly Scandinavian and never boring. And what is the secret of our success? It is working hard, sharing ideas and combining strengths and skills of ten fellow designers. Besides – it is also fun to work in Studio Kelkka!


Please enjoy this sampling of work from a few of Studio Kelkka’s designers!


Studio Kelkka Design

Left image

Name of the design: Pauliina

Designer: Terhi Laine

Customer: Eurokangas (FIN)

Terhi Laine, designer of “Pauliina”, made this print by combining collage technique, hand painting and digital art work.

Right image

Designs for IKEA

Since the beginning we have worked with IKEA and designed many iconic prints for their collections.



Left image

Name of the design: MAALLA (Countryside)

Designer: Emma Hagman

Customer: Finarte (FIN)

Our designer Emma Hagman created a new kind of car rug for kids. It is playful yet close to nature. Emma got the idea for this rug from her everyday life; she lives in the countryside in an old wooden house surrounded by a big garden.

Right image

“Mattram” for IKEA

Niina Aalto’s design for IKEA was inspired by her beloved elderly cat called “Grandma.”


See more from Studio Kelkka’s ten talented designers at http://www.studiokelkka.com/, and be sure to say hello at booth #3319 if you are heading to Surtex!

Featured Designer: Jessica Hogarth


Jessica Hogarth6

This is my signature print. It was one of the first designs that I put on to products when I launched my business. It’s inspired by the quaint little cottages in Robin Hood’s Bay, where I grew up. I have applied the print to a number of homewares and paper products including tote bags and wallpaper.

We are thrilled to share the work of UK-based designer Jessica Hogarth, whose whimsical cityscapes strike a delightful balance between being thoroughly modern yet also nostalgia-inducing. Jessica was born and raised in Robin Hood’s Bay, “a small fishing village that is famous for its smuggler past and is on the North Yorkshire coast.” After initially pursuing a music degree, Jessica realized:

I had made a mistake in not choosing to study art, so I left and reapplied to study a textile and surface pattern course. The rest, as they say, is history! I fell in love with making repeat patterns and after 8 months working in a commercial studio after graduating in 2010, I left to start my own business. I moved back home and I now have a studio in Whitby, that is only a few minutes walk from the town centre and beach. I spend my days producing colourful prints and patterns for companies around the world, as well as publishing a range of greeting cards and homewares, that are sold in outlets in the UK, and some overseas territories. I can’t wait to head back to New York in May for Surtex, where I will be exhibiting alongside my friend Jules McKeown under the name The Pattern Social on booth 3038.


One of my favourite prints, despite it being really simple. I licensed it to an American company for dishcloths and napkins which can be seen on the picture.

I am feeling very lucky to be earning a living being a self employed designer, but of course I have dreams about companies that I’d like to work with and there is always more that I’d like to achieve. I’d love to do more editorial illustration work, and creating a full home decor collection would be a dream come true! 



This was designed as a portfolio piece of work. Architecturally themed pieces of art are always a joy to create and I had fun working on this piece.

With all of her successes in the world of surface design, Jessica has kindly shared her tips for people just starting out in the industry:

“Work hard and don’t give up. It really does take time to build up a business. Thinking about everything that I have done work wise the last 5 years is exhausting, and it’s all of the thousands of hours of work put together that have allowed me to get to where I am today. There are days where you just don’t achieve what you want to, or you get rejected by somebody, but that happens in all walks of life. Don’t let it put you off! I read a quote on Instagram the other day which said something along the lines of ‘success isn’t one big thing, it’s a million little things’. That’s so true. No one job or design makes a business, it’s all of the tiny little things that you do along the way that get you closer to achieving whatever it is you’d like you achieve. Above all, my number one tip is to be unique! Don’t do something that other people are doing. Develop your own style and make that your USP, as that’s something clients or customers can only get from you. It may be the way you use colours or the look of your drawings. I often see designers emulating the work of highly successful artists, and a copy is never as good as the original, and it’s already in the market.”

Thank you, Jessica!

Surtex attendees can visit Jessica at booth #3038 and more of her work can be seen at www.jessicahogarth.com.

Featured Designer: Elizabeth McGarrigle


Today we are honored to share the work of Elizabeth McGarrigle, who will be exhibiting at Surtex this month with Nerida Hansen Print & Textiles in booth #3017. I am drawn to the casual elegance and femininity of Elizabeth’s artistic style, and the way she puts her own unique spin on traditional design motifs such as florals, geometrics and abstract designs.

A bit about her process:

I always love designs which are created off the computer so for my designs I made a big effort to start on paper. I enjoy integrating techniques which are not commonly seen in Surface Pattern Design such as watercolour, painted brush strokes and printing techniques. 



With this month’s Surtex being her first tradeshow, Elizabeth has “found the whole experience amazing.”

I have discovered I can do things I had no idea I could do; creating coherent collections, producing a selection of colour palettes which are trend focused but also personal to me, creating work for multiple markets and much much more. Having the support of the Textile Design Lab during this time has been a great help, knowing someone is there to answer a question or ask for advice is very reassuring.


Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 8.51.38 AM

I originally trained in design over 20 years ago, qualifying in Textile and Surface Pattern design and exhibiting at New Designers in London in 1995. This was before computers when everything was created by hand (including the repeats!!). I have always had a great passion for all things design and although my life has taken me down career paths I always knew I would end up here!


Check out Elizabeth’s beautiful Instagram feed @lizmacdesigns to view more of her work, and be sure to stop by booth #3017 if you are attending Surtex this month!

Featured Designer: Rachael King


Today we are continuing our Surtex features with the talented Rachael King! Rachael is an Australian surface designer whose strongest childhood memories revolve around “constantly, making, painting, creating” and how territorial she was at the kindergarten craft table! She writes:

Growing up with maker parents set me up for my ‘have a go’ attitude as an adult as well as my obsession with pattern and print. My mother owned a fabric shop and all I could think about was how I would like to design the pretty patterns and that is how I have come to this point in my life. After finally accepting that I could embrace my creativity and have an income after the children all went to school, I enrolled in a Graphic Design Diploma. This allowed me to get the much needed skills to turn my art into repeat patterns and also gave me an income stream. After I finished Modules 2 and 3 of the Art and Business of Surface Design with Rachael Taylor, I felt I was ready to make my mark in the surface design world.



Rachael’s preferred techniques include watercolors and ink, and I admire the dimension and personality that are conveyed in her expressive strokes–just look at the richness of this vegetable print!

I am inspired by nature, usually birds and flowers and just love to get some juicy colour into my designs somehow. I start with watercolour elements that I scan, clean up and start playing with in Photoshop. I usually get results through happy accidents! I am also drawn to the whimsy of children’s prints which I seem to be making more of.



To sign off, Rachael has some lovely words of advice for up-and-coming designers:

Please do not be daunted by the amazing amount of talent that is out there. We all bring something unique to the table and there are so many different avenues that Surface Designers can get into these days. Keep your finger on the pulse by reading blogs (such as Pattern Observer’s!), self belief, a commitment to improvement and networking is key to transitioning your hobby into an income.

To design for my income is a dream come true and I cannot wait to get into some challenging briefs.

If you are attending Surtex be sure to stop by booth #3017 where Rachael will be exhibiting with Nerida Hansen Print & Textiles. In the meantime you can see more of Rachael’s work at http://www.instagram.com/rachaeldoesdesign. Enjoy!

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