Inside the Studio: Learning Something New

We love learning new textile terms and recently we explored the world of “erased” pattern styles while curating a selection of designs for a new client in the rug industry. The beauty of an erased design is in the textural overlay that makes it appear as if the underlying pattern has been worn out or “erased” in some areas. This results in a distressed, aged look, that on a rug gives the feel of a well-loved, well-worn piece that has stood the test of time. It’s the same reason people love to wear ripped jeans, or holey, threadbare T-shirts. There’s a comfort, and a warmth, to items like these–they hold stories and memories and provide an emotional connection for the customer to the product. 

One of the major trends we have been seeing this summer is traditional home decor patterns finding their way into fashion, so this was an exciting one for us to identify and we’ll be watching closely how erased designs make their way into apparel and other markets in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled and let us know what you see! And if you’re in the market for these weathered textural patterns, please reach out at to see our interpretation of the latest trends.

Wallpaper pattern by Phyllida Luker for PO Studio, rug pattern by Donna Senger for PO Studio, pillow pattern by Susanne Kasielke for PO Studio

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