Featured Designer: Mandy Arroyo

The patterns Mandy Arroyo creates are powerful, yet they have a lovely sense of simplicity. I really enjoy the way she mixes marks and motifs, especially flowers. And her use of textures and shadows in the background of her patterns. All this made me naturally curious to learn more about her process and background.

“I am a Seattle-based illustrator, maker, & graphic designer. I love spending time exploring national parks and forests in Washington state, and much of my creative work is focused on expressing joy and wonder at the plants and landscapes here.”

Next, we wanted to find out what creative processes Mandy enjoyed most. She told us: “One of my favorite creative hobbies is sewing. One goal I have is to design a natural fiber fabric collection for apparel!”

We wondered what Mandy loved best about the collection she’s sharing with us. She said, “I have included pattern designs from my recent collection, Golden Hour, in addition to a few gouache explorations in my sketchbook. Golden Hour came to life during the COVID shutdown.

“As spring turned into summer, I was at home every day and as I slowed down in a space with little change, the changing light throughout the day and blooming flowers around me became especially exciting. The designs in this pattern aim to capture the wonderful golden tones that come to life at sunset, as well as a bit of nostalgia.”

If you’d like to explore Mandy’s wonderful work, please visit her Instagram page.

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