Thank you for joining us. I know you’ll learn a lot during the Rock Your Repeats Free Training Series.

Let’s go over a few things before we get started!

First, do you know someone who may enjoy this free training? Please share this link with your community and invite your friends to join us.

Next… One of the most important steps to creating a beautiful print is learning to critique your own work. It can be difficult to step back and really think about how your print will look on hundreds of yards of fabric. The questions are endless and overwhelming…we get it!

That’s why we created this beautiful infographic to help you. I encourage you to print it out and make it your own. Add a step or two if you like. Take out a step if it doesn’t work for you. Most of all…enjoy the process. This infographic is a fun bonus…and I way for you to start thinking about the FREE training that’s starting soon. Enjoy!


Be ready…and watch your inbox for the first lesson. I can’t wait to get started!!


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