Found Pattern: Greens

My uncle sent me a picture of the lettuce in his garden and I was blown away by the beauty of this vegetable. Greens are beautiful….! I hope that you enjoy the post and here’s to a great week!

* images (clockwise): “Coastal Lettuce” by Billy McClellan, “Lettuce” by Ted Major, “Lettuce on a Trip” by Josh Dubya, “Oerlikon Market” by Paul and Jill, “Lettuce” by Bill Burris, “Garden Lettuce Medley” by Oakley Originals, “Lettuce 2″ by JB,

10 Comments on “Found Pattern: Greens

  1. mmmmmnnn, num num. time for a nice spring salad.

  2. Woa so so beautiful !!
    can’t wait for the summer to be back in my husband labyrinth garden upstate.
    I wanted to send you a pic but i didn’t work!?…it’s OK.

  3. I made me hungry as well..but then I ate pizza. oh well.. ; )

  4. Colors YES, but look at the textures too. Splendid :)

  5. Wow! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at my garden in the same way again :)

  6. love it! the violet salad is so nice…I always regret that I don’t have a small garden :)

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