More Gems from Swarm

In addition to designing stunning furniture and artwork, Leslie Oschmann also creates beautifully handmade jewelry and handbags. These one-of-a a kind treasures are made from vintage oil paintings found in Holland and Belgium. How cool is that little locket? Take a moment this weekend to peruse her online shop and blog…enjoy!

  1. Your hand painted bags are fascinating..can you please also show the inner portion of the bags to see tge quality..many thanks

  2. I brought one of your bags from anthro and it has been always my favourite and everyone that sees it. Your passion is my passion. Rejuvenating vintage items into modern life and our everyday lives and causing that unique impact on all that comes in contact.. I am a housewife but would love someday to bring to our little island a shop – a ‘one of a kind’ shop that would draw every local and tourist alike. I love your work! It is awesome!

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