Featured Designer: Nathalia Machado

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Nathalia Machado is a Brazilian textile designer based in São Paulo and the creator of these vividly colorful, dreamlike patterns. I love Nathalia’s use of layering and mixed materials, both hand-done and digital, to produce rich details and subtle variations in color. These are a perfect example of prints best suited for digital printing, which is steadily increasing in popularity as a printing method, especially for fashion textiles.

Nathalia majored in Fashion in Santa Marcelina, graduating at the end of 2012. She now freelances in São Paulo and likes to “explore, to learn” and is always “searching and curious.” She particularly likes working with “the cool colors (blue, green, purple …), but I also like to “mix” things. I also think that we must dare, we can not be doing only one kind of style. So I went to draw this by hand, and I quite enjoyed the experience. I went back to researching color combinations, and I’m testing it with watercolor paint. I like watercolor techniques, hatching, ink and charcoal. Recently, I have drawn animals, but like to draw plants, leaves, flowers, everything related to nature. We have to be sure our visual perception is sharp, and look carefully at everything that is around us, especially nowadays with the many stimuli that we have, the internet and TV, anyway.”

Nathalia’s prints have been featured on items “in the field of decoration, such as pillows, cases, wallpapers. Also in the area of fashion, in fitness and swimwear. In the future I would like to see my work on something more urban, for a cold season in jackets, trousers.”

You can see more of Nathalia’s work at her Behance site or via Musse, “a new concept in marketing prints, where they are sold with or without exclusivity, and sold to various areas, such as fashion, decoration, and other surfaces.

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