Featured Designer: Dayna Embrey


Can you believe these digital paintings by Dayna Embrey?! When they landed in our inbox our jaws dropped and we couldn’t wait to share! Dayna’s work expertly demonstrates that Photoshop now has the amazing capability to closely re-create a hand-painted look. If you have a small workspace that you’d rather keep clean and tidy, or you’re traveling and can’t carry all your paint supplies, digitally painting can be a wonderful alternative.

So, more about today’s designer! Dayna is “an American textile designer who focuses on digitally painted CAD designs, which originate from her own photography or found images. She has graduated with a degree in Textile/Surface Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and worked at P/Kaufmann Inc. where she was exposed to the design aesthetic of several top brand names such as Waverly, HGTV Home, and Tommy Bahama. Unexpectedly, her career and love life coincided after meeting her future English husband. She decided to leave NYC for London and enrolled in an intensive Digital Design course at the University of Arts. After completion of her course, she attended numerous design shows, exhibitions and museums all while traveling to several art capitals of the world. At the conclusion of her travels, she found herself incredibly inspired and ambitious. Dayna Embrey Design was created and she began to sell her artwork to industry leading companies.

Her process starts off with photographing individual flowers found at her local florist shop or even on the streets while walking. She brings them into Photoshop and begins a series of techniques. Dayna uses her prior knowledge of oil, acrylic and watercolor painting to simulate digital ways of giving off a similar effect. She is constantly researching the latest techniques and programs in the digital world to improve her skills. In the future, she plans to see her designs on products for both home interior and apparel.”

Be sure to check out more of Dayna’s stellar work at www.daynaembrey.com. Have a great weekend! -Chelsea

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