Found Patterns: Postage

FoundPatterns_PatternObserver14Images via: (Top row)  “Phoenicopterus ruber” by Nacho “POSTCARD STAMPS” by EVERYMAN FILMS LTD (EVERYMAN FILMS LTD),  “POSTCARD STAMPS” by EVERYMAN FILMS LTD (EVERYMAN FILMS LTD); (2nd row)  “Republique” by Homini:) “SFRJ 1h” by Brian Eager (cropped from original),  “Modern Postage Stamp Album 12” by bomont57 (cropped from original); (3rd row)  “Romanian Stamps Postcard” by KLMircea (cropped from original),  “United States stamp: Labor Day” by Karen Horton; (4th row)  IMG_7231.jpg by Tom Page (cropped from original),  MAROC by Homini:) (cropped from original),  “POSTCARD STAMPS” by EVERYMAN FILMS LTD (EVERYMAN FILMS LTD); (Bottom)  “POSTCARD STAMPS” by EVERYMAN FILMS LTD (EVERYMAN FILMS LTD)

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