Featured Designer: Diana Brambila

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Today’s featured designer is Diana Brambila, originally from Mexico and now a Vancouver based digital pattern designer. “My degree is Industrial Designer but after 5 years that includes, move to another country, learn a new language and try different areas, here, there and over there -believe me, I tried almost everything!- finally I found something that I feel totally true passionate, Textile Design and I love it because I combine art, design, drawing and color.

The process of my work starts every morning @6am with my coffee, music and ready to look for inspiration in colors, shapes, nature, then my next step is hand-painted, is my fav part of the process, It’s just relaxing and experimentation, no rush! After this I select the drawings that I like more, I pass them to photoshop and get everything together, energetic, dramatic, colorful and trendy are the words running on my mind in this part of the process. I’ve been having so much in my little studio, and yes, sometimes I feel frustrated so when this happens I just sing really loud but even those moments give me something to learn.
In this moment I’m working on Geometric prints inspired by the 60′s, looking for natural dye classes and new painting techniques. Always learning.”

I love Diana’s story and her obvious passion for creating pattern. We are lucky to feature so many talented designers here on Pattern Observer and every so often one like Diana comes along that clears out my creative cobwebs, and in this case inspires me to get off the computer and paint! Digital tools are no doubt integral to this line of work, and like most of us Diana finishes her prints on the computer, but there is some magic that happens when you allow yourself a break from the screen and time with pen and paper or a paintbrush. Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you will be inspired to create something beautiful! If you need a bigger dose of inspiration check out Diana’s website, www.dianabrambila.com or follow her on Instagram or Pinterest. -Chelsea

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