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Sarah Rowland ICFF Booth May 2015Sarah Rowland ICFF BoothCircle Birds & Oscar on silver mylar SR CollectionCircle Birds & Oscar on silver mylar


Sarah Rowland is a multitalented Art Director, Graphic Designer and Textile Designer whose work “embraces all the classic design disciplines: logotypes, collateral, corporate identity programs, package design, web design, exhibit work and advertising print campaigns. In addition she has been involved in some not-so-common endeavors such as tie design and design schemes for high tech electric vehicles.” Sarah currently works as a textile designer for custom designed wall covering and fabric, and last month she introduced The Sarah Rowland Collection at the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in NYC.

What makes Sarah tick? She writes, “I love mother nature and I tend to rip off most of my design ideas from her. She really is the best designer and colorist out there. She is also very generous with her advice and influence.

I come from a graphic design background and will always be in love with type and composition on a page. Color is another one of my favorite things out there. It provides such an endless source of attitude and personality to any pattern or logo or room or clothing or the color of your cat. It just keeps going!

I started my textile business The Sarah Rowland Collection 3 years ago. This process of trying to get this baby off the ground is like ivy. First year it sleeps, second year it creeps and third year it leaps. I think it’s leaping now.”


Fritzi & Martha's Yellow Rose on gold mylar SR CollectionFritzi & Martha’s Yellow Rose on gold mylarGold Humps & Floppy Flower on gold mylar & paper SR CollectionGold Humps & Floppy Flower on gold mylar & paper 


“Introducing The Sarah Rowland Collection at The ICFF in NYC this May proved to be a good idea. I learned a lot about what I do not want to be. I don’t want to be a designer that can do anything and everything because I would really suck at this. I want to keep this at a human scale and keep my design as honest and fresh as possible. I don’t need to try and solve the world’s problems with my textile design like I used to feel like when I was a graphic designer in my early years. I think this might have something to do with getting older, you think? I am only 51 years old so I am not some old lady even though I kind of sound like one sometimes, haha. This is what I know, I am blessed that I find myself in this phase of my life where I have the freedom and the perspective to keep it real and true.

I am open to whatever may come. I look forward to working on projects where I can be involved with the interior designer, the architect, the fashion designer, the artist, the weaver, the porcelain tile manufacturer and whom ever else may be out there. I love to collaborate and I want to be known for doing beautiful custom design with really nice people.

Please follow me on Instagram and check my soon to be updated web site:”


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