Solstudio Textile Design: Collage

Today we are delighted to feature the work of Solstudio, a Moscow-based studio specializing in unique textile designs in seasonal collections. As you can see their work is vibrant, textural and innovative.

Solstudio was formed in 1999 by Alexandra Kaloshina who attracts the most talented textile designers from Russia. The creative team is made up of experienced stylists and designers, always ready to work together with clients in the development of their collections. The drawing inspiration comes from current market trends and forecasts. What I love about their style is that they address current trends, but in their own way. They also bring this unique style to their accessory brand, Radical Chic.

Solstudio Textile Design: Birds

The Solstudio team developed this inspiring video showing their workspace and process. It’s always such a treat to get a behind-the-scenes look and if you have yet to catch the pattern design bug this video might do the trick!

To learn more about Solstudio please visit their website. Enjoy!

  1. Wow what an inspiring video! I makes me want to move to Russia and ask them to employ me! 🙂 It also makes me want to keep learning about textile design and develop my skills, the more I learn about it the more I love it!

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