Featured Designer: Catarina Guerreiro


It’s difficult for me to identify what I love most about Catarina Guerreiro’s work. Is it the texture? The color palettes? The movement? The expressive quality of each brush stroke? I love it all. And Catarina’s warm personality is just as lovable as her artwork.

Catarina loves to experiment, mixing printmaking, painting and drawing with digital techniques. She recently moved to São Paulo, Brazil where she is “making visual research on the local architecture, food and flora for new collections to come, deeply inspired by this amazing country.”



“Moving from one continent to another recently has been overwhelming, but I am really excited and I am creating new artwork for my studio every day. I work from home, looking out upon tropical plants in my backyard while I draw and paint. I am always on the lookout for unexpected results and my creativity is restless. Research is also very important and São Paulo is the perfect city for new discoveries. I feel very lucky.”

Catarina is also busy collaborating with her new agent, and is looking forward to exploring the home decor market in upcoming collections. You can see more of Catarina’s work at http://catarinaguerreiro.com/

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