Featured Designer: Pupapop

pupapop_02Designing beautiful, marketable patterns is difficult enough, but throw in merchandising, marketing, and production? That’s a handful. And that’s the enormous task that Pupapop took on in 2015 when she decided to put her knowledge as a pattern designer, her experience acquired in the Graphic Design world, and her entrepreneurial energy into the creation of a product line. Pupapop set out to design “a collection with a fresh and different concept”. You can see the stunning results of this vision in her new product line called “Urbanothèque.”

“The first products I launched were notebooks, square pins, original cards, and tote bags, all carefully and lovingly produced in Spain. I created all the illustrations, prints, and patterns: it’s all hand drawn and then digitalized and colored in Illustrator, which is my preferred work technique.


“Mi indie line of products -that’s how I like to call it- has two clear messages; first, it’s the celebration of music, design, trends, and the joys of living in a big and restless city (you can see this in the Instagram profile I specially created for this collection: https://www.instagram.com/urbanotheque/ and the second is that you can enjoy both beautiful things and things with some attitude, too, because these two qualities don’t have to be separated! :)”

You can find Urbanothèque products exclusively available in the Shop section of her website www.pupapop.com




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