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Chloe-Greenberg-Pattern-ObserverChloe Greenberg started the Art of Portfolio Curation with a strong passion for surface pattern design, but lacked an understanding of how to best target the audience she wanted to capture the attention of. She dreamed of landing an internship at a major print studio in London, but she was currently living in Vancouver, Canada. With the distance and no clarity for how to go about the process, she doubted that she could ever make this dream come true.

It should be noted that Chloe is no newbie to the design world. Previously, she spent six years working as a graphic designer in the food, education, event, fashion, and travel industries. She joined the Textile Design Lab and began taking courses to expand her textile design education, while also taking a short course at Central Saint Martins in London.

After dedicating a few months to the programs at the Textile Design Lab, including the Art of Portfolio Curation, Chloe was prepared to reach out for the internships she wanted. “As a result, I am now living in London, England, and started my first internship at Amanda Kelly Design Studio.”

What makes Chloe’s journey more exciting is that she actually landed not one, but three internships in London—all while still living in Vancouver, Canada. That’s right! Chloe made her dream come true…and in a big way.

While working through the Art of Portfolio Curation, Chloe was able to “visualize clearly what I was missing from my portfolio and where I needed to fill gaps to ensure I was employed by the best fit for me”.

Chloe-Greenberg-Pattern-Observer2You see, in the Art of Portfolio Curation we share many things that designers need to know in order to create the best opportunities for them. This includes:

  • Sharing how to best organize and edit your existing designs
  • Creating a balanced portfolio that appeals to your ideal client, studio, or agent
  • Discovering a system for evaluating new ideas based upon the gaps within your portfolio website

Imagine feeling confident that you are showing the right work to buyers and that it is being presented in the ideal way.

Imagine feeling inspired to use those old patterns and sketches to fill in the “holes” in your portfolio.

This is what the Art of Portfolio Curation helps you to achieve.

If you are ready to discover a step-by-step to help you curate your portfolio with ease I encourage you to register for the Art of Portfolio Curation.

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  1. Is it too soon for me to take this course if I am just working on my first moneymaker design and collection?

    1. Hi Christine! I recommend having 3 collections (or at least 9 patterns) completed before working on your portfolio. However, if you are having difficulty deciding what to design this course might bring a sense of focus to what work you should be creating to make your dream portfolio come to life!

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