Inside the Studio: Celestial Motifs

There is so much inspiration to be had in the night sky, particularly at this time of year with cold, crisp, clear nights and last week’s beautiful Hunter’s Moon. Not to mention with the spooky vibes of Halloween coming up and everything mystical and witchy popping up on social media and in stores, it’s safe to say night is having a moment! 

Meteors and comets, planets, constellations, the Moon and Sun…these celestial motifs have been getting a lot of play in the pattern world recently and show no signs of slowing down in trend reports for the A/W 20/21 season. We currently offer a small, curated collection of these themes which our Pattern Observer Studio artists have interpreted in styles ranging from colorful swirling galaxies to minimal, geometric representations of moon phases. With the nighttime association, these patterns would be a perfect fit for sleepwear and loungewear, both for adults and children. Give us a shout at to see our full selection of starry skyscapes!

Pattern by Crystal Kruger for Pattern Observer Studio

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