Creating A Sense of Wonder with Lindsay Hook

Wow! What a stunning portfolio Lindsay Hook has! Her illustrations are beautiful, and she uses them in such a striking way within her layouts. It’s amazing to view her work and explore her rich, inspiring color palettes. And it was equally amazing to learn more about Lindsay and how she creates these stunning patterns which evoke a sense of wonder.

Share a bit about your life.

I am a freelance brand designer, mother of two, and a California native. I went to college and studied graphic design and studio art, with a focus in printmaking and ceramics. I was a brand designer for years and currently do freelance work in-between chasing my two littles. I started doing surface pattern design after years of dreaming about trying it. Now it is a focus of my free time and I love the direction it’s heading.

A Sense of Wonder

I love exploring motifs that bring a little sense of wonder and mystery. Adventure and literary stories are my daily inspiration.

I am influenced by my background in traditional printmaking techniques, although I am fully digital in my execution. I use both Procreate and Illustrator to create my designs.

What future goals do you have?

My dream is to make Surface Design my full-time career, and I hope to start licensing soon.

Thank you for sharing this with us, Lindsay! You can view more of Lindsay Hook’s work which is inspired by literary stories on Instagram.

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