Claire Iglesias Makes Lively Compositions

Claire Iglesias is a surface pattern designer and maker from Brittany, France who works with a fresh, bold, and colorful style. She makes patterns licensed for fabric and greeting card companies and also fabricates artistic pieces like collages, rugs with yarn, and terrazzo products with acrylic resin. She loves how the same drawing can appear so different depending on the material used. Before discovering her love for surface design, Claire was an interior designer. With a calling to be more constructive and her sister starting a sewing company, Claire decided to learn how to create the designs for fabrics she had been using for so many years in interior spaces. She credits Pattern Observer’s blog for helping her learn about licensing and selling her artwork =)

Claire mostly creates abstract patterns with big color blocks and graphic textures. As a former interior designer, she loves the relation between shape and texture and the deepness it can bring. She uses cut-out papers and collages to bring shapes to life. This technique is very peaceful to make and always brings interesting shapes that can be interpreted later. Then she scans and vectorizes all the shapes and builds the pattern with Illustrator.

Claire started to accomplish things for her creative business when she learned how to manage her time and to set up her objectives yearly. It was a real breakthrough in her mindset and she discovered that she could achieve anything, she just had to plan it correctly. When her yearly goals are planned, she carefully pays attention to doing at least one thing a day to achieve them. It can be a few minutes task or something that will take her all day, but it brings her closer to her goal. You can follow along with Claire’s creative journey on Instagram and check out her website here.

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