North & South Vibes From RemoTextiles

Alessandro Remo Mazzoni is a Swiss artist and textile designer, based in the Italian-speaking Canton Ticino: a small region that blends together parts of Italian and Swiss-German culture (and from our googling, looks like an amazing place in this world!) The style of Remo combines influences of Northern European textiles by mixing bold colors and a fresh look with more classic, hand-painted Italian motifs and a softer palette.

He likes this idea of a “gray area,” meaning not to be fully pigeonholed by designer stereotypes. When working for textile design, he has a chameleonic approach, experimenting with many different techniques – such as woodblock print, collage, watercolor and ink on paper, monotype. Alessandro has tried out different styles, and mixes digital with handmade production.

After designing home furnishing fabrics for an Italian studio as well as an English studio, he decided to start his own career as a freelancer. In 2019 Alessandro founded Remotextiles: a digital shop for patterns, fabrics and fashion accessories.

At the moment, Remo is collaborating with products on demand sites (POD) such as Spoonflower , Redbubble and Society6 and with the young Swiss firm called ZigZagZurich, which produces a few of his designs on curtains and duvets. His projects as a designer are intertwined with teaching – since 2017 he has taught textile design in Lugano, Switzerland and is developing his artistic career with yearly exhibitions.

Aside from the commercial pattern production of textile classics such as florals, animals, tropical, geometric and conversational, in recent years he has started to use his abstract painting for textile design purposes, resulting in unconventional and perhaps eccentric textile prints. In 2020, during the pandemic, he also discovered the fabulous world of tufting and after purchasing a loop and cut pile guns, he has been designing and making rugs ever since.

Over the years he has created a bank of over 600 patterns and he is always looking for new collaborations and opportunities for licensing his work for production. Reach out to collaborate with Alessandro here. Find his website to shop right here and follow his instagram here.

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