The Mediterranean Mood of Mariasara Pattern Design

Maria Sara DiMaggio is a self-taught surface pattern designer with a passion for vibrant colors, the Mediterranean, and tropical wild plants. Maria Sara is from Sicily, Italy but moved to the Netherlands four years ago. She designs art prints, cushions, stationary objects, and greeting cards inspired by nature.

Her patterns feature blossoms, fruits, wild plants, and animals, as well as everyday objects, which she likes to arrange in harmonic and organic ways in beautiful patterns with an island vibe. Her curiosity is stimulated by the fascination for color composition and balance, which brings her to play often with contrasting colors as well as complementary colors found in nature. She is inspired by Matisse’s obsessive attitude towards color and his experimental approach to many art crafts.

Her mission is to inspire and nurture human beings both indoors and outdoors through harmonic and playful designs that bring people closer to nature. Her goal is to license pattern collections to home decor markets for wallpaper and houseware products. She wants more floral prints indoors. Starting more partnerships and collaborations with textile manufacturers, interior designers, and stationary companies is her dream for the coming years.

Some of the work featured here is part of a recent collection called Forgotten Meadows , it is inspired by those neglected areas around the cities where wild flowers and lush plants grow randomly and chaotically, and yet beautifully colorful. This is a visual story of how sprawling poppies and wild flowers can stubbornly rise on bare forgotten land, like beautiful creatures that grow from difficult and intense experiences with renewed energy and strength.

Shop her tropical art prints and products here. Find out the latest on her Instagram page.

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