With experience comes confidence

For years I dreamed of working as a freelance designer. I craved the freedom, flexibility and variety of work that freelancing offered, but leaping from the comfy corporate design world to the wilds of the freelance marketplace was a scary step. I feared that I wouldn’t be able to deliver what clients expected. I feared that clients would say that my rates were too high. I feared that I wasn’t a strong enough designer. Can you relate?
Luckily I didn’t let those fears stop me from pursuing my dreams. Yes, I was terrified when I applied for my first freelance gig, but over time I developed a process for working with clients, I became more comfortable with my rates and I began to feel confident in my freelance work. With experience came confidence.

When you know exactly what steps to take then you can begin to confidently market your work to potential clients, managers and studios. When we can quiet our inner voice that asks, “Am I doing this right?” or “What the heck does that mean?” we can focus on the fun stuff… the creative process.

[headline size=”medium” align=”left”]Introducing The Freelance Bootcamp[/headline]

If you want to begin making money as a professional textile designer, but lack experience working directly with clients then I invite you to join me for The Freelance Bootcamp. In the Freelance Bootcamp you’ll learn how to communicate, deliver and invoice for the technical repeat skills learned in our popular course, The Ultimate Guide to Repeats.

The Freelance Bootcamp will enable you to:

* Feel confident in applying for jobs, interviewing and marketing your freelance services

* Know exactly how much to charge based upon your experience level and project difficulty

* Expand your freelance services to include technical repeats prepared for production

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[headline size=”medium” align=”left”]Learn from industry experts[/headline]
In The Freelance Bootcamp I share the methods that I used to operate and grow my textile design business and work with such clients as P&B Textiles, Lucy, Pendleton and more. You’ll work directly with an industry expert from the apparel, home decor or quilting market and learn their recommendations for freelancing in our industry.
[testimonial img=”http://patternobserver.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/chris-olson.png” who=”Chris Olson” url=”https://chriscocomedia.squarespace.com/”]I can’t emphasize enough how important your classes have been in my venture into surface design. Your tutorials are packed with useful information and inspiring ideas. The tone of the class was so supportive. I also enjoyed the spirit of friendship and community in the group of students. I think the BootCamp was the icing on the cake—a chance to really test my new skills.[/testimonial]
[headline size=”medium” align=”left”]What to expect[/headline]

In The Freelance Bootcamp you’ll experience what it is like to do repeats for a company on a freelance basis. Based on your industry preference, you’ll receive a pattern assignment from one of our industry experts and work through the entire freelance process with our team during this three week workshop.


The Freelance Bootcamp includes:

  • Working one-on-one with an expert in the home decor, apparel and quilting market
  • Fifteen in depth lessons covering topics such as: communicating with the client and pricing your work, delivering your work, receiving feedback, invoicing and marketing your services


Workshop Schedule:

Here’s how it works…

During the workshop, you’ll receive a new lesson every day, Monday-Friday, with daily action steps and assignments. In addition to these lessons you’ll be working on your repeat project with your assigned industry expert through email. You will not be paid for this project, but your repeat will not be used by the company. This is a freelance exercise for learning purposes only. You will receive a thorough evaluation of your work and communication skills at the end of the workshop.

Week One

Lesson One: What Does it Mean to be a Freelance Designer?

Lesson Two: Freelance services

Lesson Three: Your rate

Lesson Four: Communicating with clients before you’ve accepted the project

Lesson Five: Starting the project

Week Two

Lesson Six: Communicating with clients during the project

Lesson Seven: Timing the project

Lesson Eight: Delivering first round work, and handling criticism

Lesson Nine: Labeling your work and using forms

Lesson Ten:  Following up with the client and sending invoices

Week Three

Lesson Eleven: Advanced colorway files

Lesson Twelve: Presenting artwork preparation projects in your portfolio

Lesson Thirteen: Marketing your services through a resume, Linkedin or website

Lesson Fourteen: Applying for freelance jobs

Lesson Fifteen: Resources

[headline size=”medium” align=”left”]Freelance Bootcamp Requirements[/headline]
To be eligible for the Freelance Bootcamp each designer must:

  • Be a Textile Design Lab member for the duration of the workshop
  • Have prior repeat experience
  • Know basic Illustrator OR Photoshop techniques (experience in both programs is not required)

[headline size=”medium” align=”left”]FAQ[/headline]

Will I personally get feedback on my work?

Yes, each designer who takes The Freelance Bootcamp will work one-on-one with their assigned industry expert.

What if I discover that the workshop isn’t for me?

You have five days to ask for a refund.

Will I learn how to do repeats?

You can learn how to do repeats in The Ultimate Guide to Repeats, which is part of The Textile Design Lab. We will not be covering repeats in The Freelance Bootcamp, so prior repeat experience is required for this workshop.

Do I need to know how to use Illustrator and Photoshop?

Yes, this is not an Adobe training course so basic Illustrator or Photoshop skills are required to take the workshop.
[headline size=”small” align=”right”]This course is currently closed. Please register for our Spring 2015 wait list[/headline]

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