The Sellable Sketch

A few years ago I left my corporate job to launch a freelance business and I was so excited! I got my office set up, I registered my business and when I sat down to design I felt absolutely lost. For years I had been told what to design and I knew the style of prints that I was expected to create, but when left on my own I was overwhelmed and unproductive.

Weeks went by and I had little to show for my time other than a few sketches and unoriginal pattern concepts. If my business was going to survive I knew that I needed a change, so I developed a system that would take the guesswork out of what to design each season. This system, which I now share through the Sellable Sketch, brings clarity to the collection development process and designers leave feeling focused, confident and motivated to get their work out into the marketplace.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of staying true to your artistic style and the 3 steps to discovering your style
  • How to pick appropriate trends and inspiration sources for your target market
  • How to develop a print from sketch to digital file in both Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Tips and tricks to developing a print color palette
  • The common mistake that designers make when developing print coordinates

Who This Course Is For:
This course was designed for passionate designers who…

  • Want to learn how to turn a sketch into a sellable print collection
  • Need help discovering or rediscovering their personal style
  • Are unsure how to target their ideal customer
  • Simply need a boost to their business and a systematic way of working season after season

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