Found Patterns from Linda Grimes

The weekly Found Pattern post is one of my favorite posts to design. Compiling all of the images is a blast and I love discovering and sharing new “found patterns” each week. So…I was absolutley exstatic when Linda Grimes shared my love of the concept enough to email me these beautiful photographs! She took them around Angel Island State Park, located in the San Francisco Bay. The textures are amazing, but the colors are also so inspirational! Linda is just kicking off her surface design career after being laid off last year and I couldn’t be more excited to see where these photographs take her. Enjoy!

*photographs by Linda Grimes

3 Comments on “Found Patterns from Linda Grimes

  1. Love the layers of old paint. The colors combinations and designs they make are amazing.

  2. How fun that a reader emailed these to you. I always love searching for textures in the most obvious places that are often overlooked.

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