Found Pattern: Sand

*images (clockwise): “Sand on Cobbles” by Ed Townend, “Shadow Patterns” by Mike Baird, “Sand Ripples” by Kelly Cookson, “Sand Ribs” by Peter Mulligan, “Sand Curves” by John B., “Sand Dollar” by Wildcat Dunny, “Sand Drifts” by Mike Baird

  1. Just found your blog over the weekend, and I was so inspired! I love your blog, and especially your portfolio project video series. SO helpful. Can’t wait for the final installment. I’m a textile design student, so some professional insight is very appreciated. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Sarah! So glad you are loving the blog..the final installment is on its way. I promise!!
      In the meantime let me know if you have any questions about the industry. I am trying to get a monthly Q&A session started!

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