Print Studio: Velveteen Prints

I love all the work that is coming out of Velveteen Prints, a new print studio based in Brooklyn, NY. How cool is that space-age camouflage? Their workspace looks almost exactly like mine… Watercolors, Epson paper, magazine swipes, and fabrics. What more does a designer need? {Ok…a computer is nice}

Their new Autumn / Winter 2012 / 2013 collection is inspired by forms of nature, and the “process of mark-marking in art.” “Specifically, there is a range of prints that include references to traditional crafts and dyeing processes, textural prints that evoke terrestrial and celestial themes such as moonscapes and aerial photography, painterly non-print prints, retro florals, wild animals, and psychedelic geometrics.”

A big thanks to Velveteen Prints for sharing their beautiful work with us! I hope that everyone is having a lovely and inspired week—


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