Featured Designer: Schatzi Brown

Today’s Featured Designer is the talented Tanya Brown, who designs under the name Schatzi Brown. Schatzi’s inspiration comes from her love of nature and being outdoors. She is a runner, biker, skier, and a surfer who loves quirky color combinations, hand drawn motifs, surf/skate/ski lifestyle brands & street wear. She also loves travel, anthropology, and researching different cultures for inspiration.

I was immediately drawn to Schatzi’s work and color usage, but her heart warming description of her love with print and pattern truly warmed my heart, “I think I have loved pattern since I was a child. I started drawing when I was three years old and never stopped. My favorite childhood memories include my crayon apron that my mom made me and, my multicolor ball point pen, magic changing color markers, & my spiral graph! All the signs were there pointing me to my passion for patterns, but I didn’t know it then.”

I couldn’t relate more! You can find more of Schatzi’s work over at her wonderful blog, Schatzi Brown.

I just wanted to remind everyone that the next Sellable Sketch class begins this Monday, May 7th! This is the last time that I will be teaching the class for quite sometime, since I have a baby arriving in August! The class will be offered as a self-study course, but if you are interested in the full course I encourage you to sign up today. Have a wonderful weekend!

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