Tessa de Guytenaer and The Ultimate Guide to Repeats

Tessa de Guytenaer took The Ultimate Guide to Repeats and created these stunning repeats which she has generously offered to share with us today. Tessa’s work provides a lovely reminder that a print can have its beginnings as a hand-drawn sketch, and become a technically correct digital repeat.

“I love to start with drawing/painting/sketching by hand and then create a digital repeat in Illustrator or Photoshop. I always try to stay true to my ‘style’ as it is easily to get distracted by all the possibilities out there! My style can be described as a bit feminine, clean & simple yet detailed, minimalistic, sophisticated, chic, and positive. Mostly I’m inspired by taking a closer look at ordinary things (I love to get my camera out there and zoom in on patterns and colors I find outdoors), for example simple stripes on the road, the pattern of ordinary bricks from an old building, blistered paint and so on…”

In the upcoming Ultimate Guide to Repeats group study, we will share the techniques Tessa has used to create production-ready repeats from hand-drawn and digital artwork, including set, tossed and free-flowing layouts. You will learn all the tools you need to create repeats with confidence!

Tessa said about the workshop, “I really enjoyed following this course, and I’ve learned so SO much! After this course I’m much more confident about my pattern repeat skills and designs. Before the course I sometimes was a bit frightened about the whole ‘repeat’ thing as it appeared pretty complex to me. I did know the basic stuff but was facing a lot of difficulties when trying to become a more professional designer (repeat-wise.) Still there is a lot to learn and to accomplish, but at least I’m one step closer to my dreams and goals: to become a fulltime freelance print/pattern designer for the interior and/or fashion market. Right now I’m working on expanding my collections and refining them. Also my new website is coming up real soon! In the meantime you can find some inspiration/work process on my blog.”

Find out more about the UGTR group study here.

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