Featured Designer: Susanna Nousiainen

These beautifully inspiring hand-painted works are the creation of Susanna Nousiainen, a textile artist originally from Finland and now mainly based in Barcelona, Spain. Susanna has been I have making clothes for herself since she was eight years old, and graduated with a BA Textile Arts from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland. She has been running Susanna Nousiainen Art and Design since 2011.

“My work is about life around. I get inspired by surroundings, travels, different structures and colours. My aesthetic is Scandinavian simple style but I like to mix elements of surroundings especially from urban environments. I grew up surrounded by a lot of nature, like forest, sea and countryside but I always felt a strong attraction to the urban areas. Textures and life of the city had such a strong call that for years I looked for a place here I could settle down and in the end I found a home from Barcelona.

At the moment I am doing surface designs and small collections which I hand paint and then sew myself. I also have graduated as a patternmaker and dressmaker so all this process is really natural to me. I have my studio in Barcelona where I hand paint or draw all my designs. I also do all the production myself at the moment. All my projects are 100% DIY.”

In addition to her collections of original artwork, Susanna also does custom works. A sampling of her hand painted silk shirts and accessories are seen in the photos above. Find out more about these projects here and here.

Enjoy the weekend! -Chelsea

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