Winthur Dewey and The Sellable Sketch

Winthur Dewey is the Sellable Sketch alumna behind these lovely prints, part of a collection created over the course of this 8 week course. Winthur’s inspiration behind these and all of her designs is nature. “I always paint from what I see around me, and then translate my paintings into pattern using the computer. My design goal was to use the relevant trends of more painterly florals in large scale repeats. My career goal is to find an agent to represent my work, and to either sell artwork or work from my home studio on a freelance basis. As a mom of three girls, I need to use my time wisely in order to get anything done at all. If I could focus on painting and design, and have the expertise of an agent out there selling for me, I would be one happy designer mama!”

Upon completing the course, Winthur’s biggest take away was “the method that The Sellable Sketch put to the madness of creating a body of work. It can be so overwhelming working for yourself. I used to constantly find myself stopped dead in my tracks- not knowing what to paint, or what colors to use, or how to stay relevant with my work. So instead of working through it, I would just stop. The lessons in The Sellable Sketch, from trend forecasting to working out a collection from my artwork, are now invaluable to me in staying productive!! It’s like a path for me to follow when I feel stuck. Plus, the encouragement and constructive criticism I receivedon the forum was great motivation.”


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