Featured Studio: Mamimu

Happy Friday everyone!!! I am so excited to share these amazing patterned products from Mamimu, an independent Japanese design studio based in London. I have a tremendous amount of respect for pattern designers who design and develop their own products. It takes a great deal of time, energy and passion to bring one’s vision to life and June Mineyama-Smithson, the creator of the brand, has done a fantastic job.

“The core Mamimu idea is inspired by old Japanese Kimono patterns, where Shokunin (artisans/craftsmen) found beauty in everyday scenery and took humble cherry blossoms and fish scales as motifs. Transplanting this concept firmly into the 21st century, Mamimu takes seemingly mundane patterns from today’s urban landscape – from manhole covers to pigeons – and transforms them into beautiful and witty designs.”

Please visit their website for more information. Have a lovely weekend! -Michelle

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