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Founded by Mike Dawson and Pete Mars, Arnge is a fabulous new brand of pillows that offers an eclectic mix of bold and colorful patterns. Their collection features both placement prints and all-over prints and I fell in love with their playful but sophisticated use of color.

“As Art Director at numerous magazines, pattern-master and colorist Mike Dawson is the design force at Arnge. Architecture, graphic design, photography and the natural world are points of inspiration for his broad ranging surface pattern designs.

Stylist Pete Mars is the collection editor at Arnge. His strong visual editing skills were developed in the fields of interior design, home product and furniture design, magazine styling and museums.

To us, the who-what-when-and-where of how a product came to be is as important as the finished piece. Our fabrics are printed on 100% cotton poplin in North Carolina and we make our zippered pillow covers in the United States, paying fair wages. No sweatshops! We use firm polyester fiber inserts for pillows that hold their shape through lots of use. The pillow corners are hand stuffed with loose polyester fiber to keep them perky. Droopy corners are for sad pillows and so are feathers and down. No animals were harmed to make our products. We make our pillows when you order them. It takes a little longer, but you get a product made just for you.

We are passionate about issues outside the world of design. A percentage of Arnge’s profits will provide support for environmental legislation, wildlife and domestic animal protection, public radio and television, historic preservation, history education and equal rights for all beings. Without equality, without knowledge, without our planet and ALL of its life, we are nothing.”

Learn more about Arnge by visiting their website! -Chelsea

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