Product Feature: Telles

Telles2Telles3Telles1Our posts are booked so far in advance that I sometimes forget what’s next on the docket, and it can be so exciting to see designers I spoke to months ago pop up on the schedule! I had this feeling of excitement at re-discovering the beautiful silk scarves created by Telles. Telles is a new luxury silk scarf brand started this past fall by Jade Telles, and flipping through their lookbook to pick these images was like being in a candy store, vibrant colors and intricate textures at every turn!

“The brand is all about my personal family heritage and the clashing of cultures! I was born and raised in England but my background and ethnicities lie in Kenya and Goa.  All of the scarf prints are BOLD AND BRIGHT and truly unique. With the imagery inspired by Africa, the bursts of colour inspired by India and the painting techniques influenced by modern British artists, the designs are truly exclusive. Each scarf is digitally printed and hand rolled in the United Kingdom celebrating British craftsmanship.”

View more at Enjoy! -Chelsea


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