Featured Designer: Deb Spofford

“What do you think about moving to China for a few years?” Designer Deb Spofford said “Why not!” when her husband was offered a job opportunity in Shanghai. After 14 years of writing “how to” books, creating DIY projects for magazines, presenting creative home projects on television, and working with manufacturers in the craft and hobby industry, Deb said she was ready for a new adventure.

While living in China she had the opportunity to travel to remote areas and see textiles being produced using ancient methods of printing. This fueled her passion for print and pattern techniques and when they repatriated four years later as empty nesters, she decided to go back to school and learn more about design and the textile industry.


Deb and her husband asked their house sitter in Vancouver, WA to stay a little longer and off they went to Philadelphia. Deb studied design and received her MS of textile design from Philadelphia University in 2014.

Most of the work she did at the university was focused on digitally printed fabric and although she loves the technology and speed at which a design can be produced, the handmade quality and traditional printing process remained in her heart.

2.design process.2Now that she is back in her Vancouver studio, Deb is developing her own process for printing and will launch her first collection of hand printed home décor products and quilting fabric at the end of this year. Her love of embroidery, quilting, and travel always inspire the direction of her designs.

3.blockprint pillows4.pillowdetails5.blockprintembor6.quiltingfabric

You can follow Deb and see more of her designs at debspofford.com and 23rdcourt.com as well as on Instagram @inspiringmaterial.


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  1. I love Deb’s work and her ability to see (and highlight) patterns and beauty in everyday things, as well as create works of art in design. She is dynamic!

  2. So proud of your accomplishments, Deb. Your creativity is energizing. You have been blessed with such a great gift.
    I am helping to start a women’s group and will be meeting at my house tonight to kick off choosing Joy and being Creative in Christ. We are starting with a book called Born to be Wild (Rediscovering the freedom of fun) by Jill Baughan, Christian author. You would love her book…she loves to go outside the box:) I will have to share your creative side with our group as we would like to do some creative things as well. We can be inspired by you:) So glad we became friends over the years. Best of luck with your business. Can one buy directly from you?
    ~Deb H.

  3. Hi Deb! Amazing work – I look forward your launch! Congratulations on an inspiring collection. – Kate B.

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