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Hello there fellow Pattern Observers!

Today I am delighted to share the work of pattern designer Leanna Perry. Leanna was born and raised in Kansas City, MO which she reminds us is home to the best BBQ on the planet. Being a Carolina girl I might have to disagree, but I digress… ; )

Leanna now lives in Minneapolis, MN where she creates patterns and “illustrates crazy hyper-graphic environments.” I LOVE that description and I love Leanna’s work. What drew me to her work was how much of her personality shines through in every inch of what she creates. Leanna recently had the opportunity to work with 3M and Scotch designing the illustrated patterned Washi tape that you see above and can purchase here. Leanna did a great job of creating prints that are slightly toned down for this more conservative customer, but are still 100% Leanna.

To learn more about Leanna work you can visit her website: http://www.leannaperry.com/




  1. Congratulations Leanna! Your work is absolutely amazing :)) I love the really colourful tape on the top.

  2. Leanna, I am so glad you were featured. I went to the AIGA conference in Minneapolis last year and your bold washi tape was one of the items in our conference bags. I must have missed the mention about who the designer was at the time but I am so glad to have to opportunity to learn about you and your work now.

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