Found Patterns: Pinecones

FoundPatterns_PatternObserver1Images via: (Clockwise from top left)  “Untitled” by Clayton O’Neill the cutest pinecones in the world” by romana klee “Pinecones and stones” by buckle1535,  “Pine cones on the ceiling” by Beatrice Murch (cropped from original),  “pinecone corner” by Kai Schreiber “Pinecone” by Wayne Noffsinger,  “Pine Cone” by Steve L. Martin

We are so excited to announce that we are bringing back the Found Patterns series! Patterns are everywhere in our world and inspiration can be found in the most mundane of places if you keep your eyes peeled. We hope these posts will provide some creative stimulation and a little reminder to watch for patterns in your everyday life. Enjoy! -Chelsea

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