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Babi Avelino is visual artist and designer of Italo-Brazilian origin, and the founder of The Avelinos Creativity, a print design studio based in Belgium and currently expanding into the UK, Italy and Brazil. Photographs are the starting point for all of Babi’s work, and she manipulates them digitally to create trend-forward abstract and photographic prints. Babi is “passionate about color, images, nature and technology. She has lived with the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and among the skyscrapers of Sao Paulo giving her an interesting repertoire. Halfway between craftsmanship and avant-garde, Babi Avelino uses her own photographs as material to create her designs, which she works in the computer to bring out a range of shapes and powerful, bold colors. The Avelinos’ designers are experts in creating “motifs” for fashion and decoration – pattern (placed or allover) for digital printing and screen printing – also keen to customize or create entire collections on demand.

In parallel the studio develops a range of products including pillows, scarves, and stools, in a philosophy of slow and eco design and up cycling. The choice of materials and suppliers is very important. The studio presented its first collection of pillows “Between Heaven and Earth” in September 2013. Made in the context of eco-design and up cycling, they are all handmade, naturally perfumed, with colorful and elegant prints – horses, pink flamingos, colorful fish, seagulls and some abstract prints.

“Nova Fantasia” is The Avelinos’ collection of patterns that was presented in February at The Indigo Fashion Edition – Spring/Summer 2015, part of the “Première Vision Pluriel” show in Paris. This collection transcribed perfectly the creativity and versatility of this young Belgian designer, and invites us into a world filled with abounding graphic poetry.”

New products will be available in July 2014 at Have a great weekend! -Chelsea


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