Featured Designer: Priscilla Valencia

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Priscilla Valencia is a pattern designer based in the Canary Islands, where she creates patterns and illustrations for her own products and for other customers, and also gives pattern design lessons.

“When I was a child I really loved everything related with painting and designs. I started to study Industrial Design and as time went by it showed to me a wide range of possibilities. Besides my university studies, I have been forming in different classes related to design patterns like painting and design classes, screen-printing, … but my most important step was when I decided to invest my savings and to specialize in Pattern Design. Two years ago, I had a huge opportunity to show my patterns in Texitura Printing Design Magazine, an international magazine that shows different works from designers around the world. So far, I have published my designs on the numbers 50, 51 and 52 of this magazine.

My design method includes hand-drawing painting to carving stamps, watercolour, acrylics, photography… I could say that my designs are feminine and inspired by nature.”

Visit Priscilla’s online store, her blog or her Facebook fanpage to see more!

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