Monthly Vignette: August 2014

Music: “Feels Like Home” (CC BY 4.0) by Fabian Measures

Is it just me or did the summer fly by?! I guess I always feel that way when I start to notice that first hint of crisp fall air, but time sure flies. In light of that, today we bring you the August vignette to take a look back at last month’s features, which have already made their way off the front page of the blog as we’ve shared new designers, pattern inspiration and informative posts with you. If you missed any of our posts in August this is a great way to recap and see what you’ve missed! To learn more about any of the features shown in this short video, please scroll down to find the full posts, or use the search bar at the top right of the page. To see all of our past vignettes (a great way to discover new designers or find inspiration for your next pattern collection!) please visit the Pattern Observer YouTube channel. -Chelsea



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