Featured Designer: Gauri Malhotra

Gauri Malhotra is a textile designer based in Delhi, India. She sent us a gorgeous lookbook showing her design process from moodboard to finished textile, and we are excited to share one of these projects and the creative process behind creating these fabrics. It goes to show how much thought and creativity can be behind a single piece of fabric…something to think about as designers–how we can infuse greater meaning into our work!


“These images are from my process for a personal project that I did called ‘Black Rabbit’. This project was inspired by 19th century vintage cinema and textures derived by the quality of film grain. This was mainly an experimental project where I worked with a lot of techniques like screenprint, burnout, weaving, jacquard knitting and embroidery.

The aim of this project was to draw inspiration from the early silent films and capture their fantastical as well as surreal quality. I would like to juxtapose the vintage and the modern aesthetics through experimentation.

My initial inspiration came from the 1903 silent film, Alice in Wonderland as well as the works of Nicoline Liv Andersen.”

process1Process gauriprocess3Processgauri1Finished fabrics

If you would like to get in touch with Gauri she can be reached at gauri.m@hotmail.com. Have a wonderful weekend! -Chelsea


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