Mansi Shah Scarves

1MSSS14-PRE-30_Final2MSSS14-PRE-30_Final4MSSS14-PRE-30_FinalAll photos by Soohang Lee

It is a real treat to share a sampling of the Mansi Shah scarf collection with you today, not only for the eye-catching, on-trend patterns but also their super fun and creative photography, which feels like it could have been ripped from the pages of a fashion magazine. Something to keep in mind if you plan to sell printed products is how best you can display them to intrigue and entice your customers, and Mansi seems to have that nailed down!

About the studio: Mansi Shah is a NYC studio that creates signature prints & products inspired by the alchemy of image-making. We’re interested in creating custom prints for clients and collaborators ranging from fashion labels to furniture designers to wallpaper companies.

About the brand: The studio also serves as an online storefront which sells products adorned with our signature prints. We launched last August with digitally printed Silk Habutai scarves and iPhone cases. Since then our offering has expanded to classic 6 panel caps, drawstring backpacks and totes. Minimal silk blouses, printed leggings and a home line are in the prototype phase.

About the prints: The prints are driven by line, form, color, volume, texture and composition. I was inspired by Cy Twombly’s scribbles, Josef Albers color theory and visual music artists like Mary Ellen Bute, Walther Ruttmann, Norman Mclaren, and James and John Whitney. Print creation is instinctive & intuitive, always seeking inspiration from movement and magic.

You can follow Mansi Shah on InstagramFacebookPinterest or Twitter. Have a great Wednesday! -Chelsea

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